PSA: Use a heatsink on your W5100 Arduino Ethernet Shield


This past summer, I had quite a few problems with some of my ethernet shields when the temperatures got hot.  I had intermittent connectivity and sometimes the shields would need to be reset, or would only work randomly whenever ambient temperatures were up above 80 degrees F or so (I have a few in the garage).  It took me a while to figure out that the problem was with the w5100 chip on the shields.  They get hot (or at least the inexpensive eBay knock-off versions I have been buying do).

I was able to make them work in a completely reliable fashion by attaching a small heatsink directly to the w5100 chip with some thermal paste (cpu paste).  I was able to get some 11x11x5mm heatsinks from eBay for about $2.50 shipped for five of them.

Anyhow, if you have experienced unreliable results with Arduino Ethernet Shields, you might try this.  It worked perfectly for me.

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